Friday, February 18, 2011


I have been horrible about leading a fun and exciting life to blog about.  This past week I have been so tired and sluggish that all I do is sleep, go to work, MAYBE go to the gym, suck at my double dub diet, watch a partial movie, and fall asleep before it is even finished.  So when it came time to blogging today, I made a list of things that I should blog about to entertain the masses of folks who read my blog.  This is the list of options that I came up with:

  1. The fact that I went for a 1.75 mile run in 12 minutes and have never known so much pain
  2. The fact that I have been kind of sucking at my double dub diet this week.
  3. In relation to item #2, I have had an insane sweet tooth this week and I do not know why.
  4. I'm so bored I might die.
  5. I watched Alien versus Predator.  It was so boring I thought I might die.
  6. Old movies and TV shows (getting desperate here).
  7. Food.  But then I remembered this is not a food blog.
  8. Babies.
  9. Shopping and fashion.  But then I remembered this was not a fashion blog.
  10. Zzzzzzz.  Sorry, I just fell asleep reading my list.

I will work on more exciting things in the weeks to come so that my blog does not fail and fall apart and diminish into nothingness.  After all, in the next three weeks I have: 3 birthdays, lots of house guests, and a day off on a Monday.  There MUST be something to blog about in all of that.

Until then, I am going to back bed.


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