Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving Thanks

In case y'all haven't heard, tomorrow is Thanksgiving.

While I may complain a lot and have a large laundry list of shit I am NOT grateful for (please keep your eyes peeled for my second edition of "Shit I Hate" coming soon), tomorrow is a day to reflect upon what I am grateful and thankful for, and there really is a lot.

I am grateful for big ticket things, like that Mr. G and I both have our health.  Not only that, but for the most part, our families and loved ones do too.  We have not one, but two working cars that allow us to travel.  Though our apartment may be fully carpeted and no where near as nice as some (most) of our friends' places, at least we have a place to call "home."  And not only do we have a little place to call our own, but we have a two bedroom place, and it is warm and dry.  We both have jobs, and though they are not making us rich any time soon, they are bringing us a steady income for which we are both thankful.  We have gone on two major vacations in two years.   And we have our friends and family, of which we love so much.

And then there are little every day things that I can say I am thankful for.  The second bathroom in our condo.  Soft, oversized sweat shirts.  Pandora.  All Apple products.  Harry Potter.  Sephora.  Hot baths and good books.  Red wine. Pinterest.  Blogs.  Pedicures.  Headlamps so I can run in the dark.  Indian food.  Chinese food.  Noodles.  Email.  Tampons.  Contacts.  Fall inspired scented candles.   Skype.  Nail Polish.  Nail polish remover.  Lemon zinger tea in the morning.  Leggings.  Sweatpants.  Any pants with an elastic waist band.  Flip flops.  Affordable earrings.  Mr. G cleaning off my car.  A nice card in the mail.  Macaroni and cheese.  Bath sheets/beach towels.  Volumizing hair spray.  Farmers Markets.  The radio.  Unlimited Free Texts.  "Friday Night Lights."  Gchat.  OWS.  A clean house.  Cake.  Our troops.  Good old fashioned books (you know, with pages).  Easy to manage house plants.  Wooly slippers.  Running socks.  Sharpies.  Birth Control Pills.  The list goes on...

I wish you all a wonderful, safe, happy, and delicious Thanksgiving.  Cynical and sarcastic Granny will be back shortly.

Until then,

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