Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Friday

Last night I kicked my weekend off right and because of that I am very hopeful that this weekend in its entirety will be nothing short of epic.

After some inspiration from Mike Tyson, the Goodwin household has implemented "Pizza Pthursday" (not to be confused with "Taco Tuesday"), which coincidently is now my new favorite thing to say.

Combine Pizza Pthursday with two other of my favorite things, and last night was glorious.  The two other favorite things?  A holiday visit from Mr. Brockway (deep in the heart of Texas), and Youtube.

I can spend hours on Youtube just playing around.  Instead of linking you to the top 20 videos granny loves (laughing babies, funny kids, silly animals, Marcel the Shell with Shoes...), I thought I would just post the one we three watched last night on repeat 4 times.

Ah, nothing like lovely, classy, perfect evening of PBRs, pizza, and acid tripping lizards.

Happy Friday, y'all!

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