Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Why hello.  Welcome to my slightly updated blog.  I think it looks more mature and professional now, yes?  No more distracting images or background to take away from my all important blog posts.

However, after fucking around with Blogger for a good hour now, I still need some help with four little things.

First readers to help gets...cookies.  I will send you some cookies.

(But not really.  I will just love you unconditionally and mention on you this here blog.  That is just as awesome, right??)

Ok, first thing I need is a picture or something to spice up my title.  HELP.  I know how I can add a picture but I don't know how to make that shit look good.  And I don't necessarily want a picture of me, but just something fun to add a little oomph to my page.  Please, someone, send me DETAILED, step by step directions, complete with pictures and words so my 4 year old cousin could do it.  Not that he is going to, but that is just my level of skills when it comes to computer and internet and web design--that of a 4 year old.

Second, if you will observe, the title of each post is in gray.  Which is fine and dandy.  Except I want it in black.  Every other section of my blog I can chose what color the words appear.  But not for my Post Titles.  Whatthamothafuck??  Help a sista out.

Thirdly (which my spell checker informs me is a real word), I want the information on the side bar, such as the list of blogs, to show up in black.   I know, boring and unoriginal.  But the blue is just random and out of nowhere.  I have gone back to check eleventy million times (which spell check has informed me is NOT a real word) and I did not chose blue as the color for this to show up.  So where in the heck is this coming from?

Lastly, and by far most importantly, all I want for Christmas is 100 followers.  NOT GONNA HAPPEN, Shaun John.  Get with the program.  But, maybe 50?  And then for my Birthday I could ask for 100?  Can y'all kindly follow my blog if you're not already?  Or send my blog out, now that it looks all profesh., to all of your friends and their friends and their friends' friends??  Not to be super desperate, but...I'm super desperate.  I just wanna be one of the cool kids.

Ok, that is all for now.  Thank ya kindly for listening, and hopefully helping a sister out.

Lots of Granny love.


  1. Your sidebar posts are blue because somewhere you have links set to "blue". Find that setting and change it to black, purple, neon green wharves. And FYI, your post title does show up as black on my computer. :) Sorry I can't be more help! No cookies for me :( xoxo

  2. ok... I became a follower so plus one! I was rather surprised though. I thought I was already following your blog. This way is more exciting though. I'm coming to the rescue with my plus one.

    As for the blue coloured links on the side. They are coming up blue because blue is the standard default colour for hyperlinks. I'm not sure and cannot remember if Blogger allows you to change that setting - but that's why they are blue at any rate.

    If you want.. I can mock up something fun for your header. hee hee

  3. I'm useless for the picture in the header part. For the colors, from the blogger dashboard, go to Layout, Template Designer, Advanced and scroll down to Link Color and pick something else. The Post Title Color is also in there and depending on the template you currently have, you may also need to change the Sidebar Title Color, Sidebar Post Color and Visited Link Color for everything to change over.
    I'm already following you. It took me absolutely forever to get over 30 followers for some reason. Now I'm stuck at 49.