Monday, November 21, 2011


I just returned from a weekend away with Mr. G.  We had planned a very romantic weekend at the lovely Hyatt Regency right on the waterfront.  (And by romantic I mean...a weekend away at a waterfront hotel.  We are not the most romantic couple.  I think romance is when Mr. G scrapes my car off in the winter.) It was all lovely, except nothing the Goodwins plan can go off without a hitch...

-GPS told me it would take 3 hours and 51 minutes with traffic to get to Newport.  It took six hours.  Fucking traffic.
-Traffic makes any couple in a car together pissy.  Here is how the last three hours in our car went:

"Can you please slow down!?  Those people are stopped up ahead!"
"That car?  The one with the break lights on a good mile ahead of us?"
"You should switch lanes, our exit is coming up in a couple of miles."
"Do you want to drive?"
"I am so cold, can't we turn the heat on??"
"You touch that heat button and I will kill you."
"I can't find any radio stations I like."
"Stop changing the channel every 30 seconds.  For the love of god."

-By 7:45 am on Saturday morning--the day I had planned to sleep in until 9:30--some parents had decided that their adorable toddler needed to get his energy out in the hallway outside our room.  Which he did by running up and down the long hallway and yelling and singing for 45 minutes.  TO THE PARENTS OF THAT CHILD, may you get hives and have a week of sleepless nights.  
-Mr. G felt that since he was already awake, that turning the TV on until I woke up was a good idea.  It was not.
-The mansions we wanted to tour cost $40. 
-Ok, we can pay that so we have the opportunity to get some good pictures of us in the mansions.
-Oh wait, no pictures in the mansions?!
-The toll was $4.  We had $3.  Big debacle ensues.
-Sephora was out of my lotion.  Curse you, Sephora.
-Sephora still had the mascara I wanted.  Which I grabbed.  And 5 hours later when we got home and I unpacked I realized I DID NOT GRAB THE MASCARA, I GRABBED A $30 EYELINER INSTEAD THAT WAS MIXED INTO THE MASCARA CONTAINER.  (Did I mention the closest Sephora is 2.5 hours away?  And I am desperately in need of new mascara that does not come from the Wal Marts?)


Despite all of the unplanned, pain in the neck, annoying little problems that arose over the weekend, the Goodwins had a fantastic little weekend away with lots of fun, laughing, shopping, rum, and even a little romance.

Off to daydream about Thanksgiving!



  1. I'm glad you got some good along with the madness! Inquiring minds need to know - what mascara are you using? Rimmel has been ok for me for a drugstore brand. And what lotion were they out of? I hate when my Sephora is out of everything.

  2. I can get you mascara and mail it to you!

  3.! sign of for their emails, it'll be worth it for the promo codes and little gifts!