Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Explain to me

How on God's green earth is today only Wednesday?  How in the world is that even possible?

I swear I woke up for Monday a year ago.  How has it only been 3 days?  Is it because I am excited for this weekend that all of a sudden each day has 67 hours in it?

This morning my old faithful alarm went off as usual at 6:30 and I was all like "fuck off, it's got to be Saturday, leave me alone."

And then my internal self was all like, "no, you fuck off.  It is Wednesday, asshole.  Get up and get going."

And then I was all like, "#$!!%&*$&!"

And then I got up, burnt some popcorn (true story.  I make popcorn at 6:30 am most weekday mornings.), braided my bangs back, and here I am.  Smelling like burnt popcorn and blogging.  Thinking, "I must have waisted a few hours already. Must be time for my lunchtime soup."


Not even 8:30 am yet.

Even the squirrel thinks it's NUTS that it is only Wednesday!
(sorry about that.  The slow week is taking it's toll on me.)

PS: (C)Happy (C)Hanukkah to my fellow Chosen People.

Napping under my desk,

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  1. Seriously! Every day is an eternity. Thanks for the smelling like burnt popcorn and blogging laugh.