Tuesday, December 27, 2011


What a year.


Using pictures to sum up 2011 in a nutshell:

2011 started with tons of travel.  And it continued throughout the 12 months.  I hit up Texas twice, Toronto, Boston, Connecticut more times that I can count, Rhode Island, Key West, LA, New Orleans, Denver, NYC.  

My crazy ass also decided to take up running.  Other than traveling, running seemed to dominate my year.  I started with a 5K and finished the racing season off with a half marathon.  Even Mr. G was inspired by my raw running energy (ha) and hopped on a (mountain) bike for a 50 mile race!

I also managed to squeeze in about eleventy trillion weddings and wedding related parties.  It was an honor watching so many of our friends and loved ones be joined in holy matrimony.

(Please ignore the fact that Mr. G wears the exact same thing to every.single.wedding.)

2011 had a rough streak as well, Irene being the highlight.  As a state and a community we were struck hard, but we came together immediately and made incredible progress.  I am so proud of my neighbors, state politicians, and hardworking friends who worked so hard to help bring VT "back to normal".

Being back in New England for a full year, I took full advantage of being within driving distance of so many friends again.  But I also got to reunite with friends from all over.  Praise Jebus.  I love my friend family.

Yes, despite a few bumps in the road, 2011 was a fantastic year.

2012 is shaping up to look even better; I have 3 half marathons to run, plus a triathlon with my man. (Mr. G will be riding another half century, and then a couple months later he will participate in his first 115 mile race.)  Starting next month I will be hitting the road again, I have planned trips to LA, San Diego, San Francisco, Lake Tahoe, Charleston, Louisville, Philly, Denver and hopefully a few days on a beach somewhere.  We have three weddings to attend.  We have friends to get together with again.  We hope to get a new place somewhere and adopt a dog.  

I am so looking forward to all of the promising events that 2012 looks to be bringing. 

But I am not sure how 2011 can be beat.

Happy holidays, everyone.  Enjoy your last week in 2011.

(And with that said, if anyone in the upper valley has suggestions for what I can do for New Years, I am all ears...)

Peace out cub scouts,

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