Monday, December 5, 2011

por que

Sometimes, after looking at all of the other blogs I love to read, I wonder "why do I blog?"

I have also been asked by people who find out that I blog, "What is your blog about?"

Which got me thinking...

I do not have a focused topic that I blog about.  Fashion? Hell no.  I wear shirts with holes in them constantly.  My shoes all have scuff marks.  My jeans are in no way designer. I wear clogs proudly and I almost always prefer sweat pants.  Food? While I love to cook and eat, fuck a food blog.  I love to read them, but never do I ever have the time nor the desire to document and photograph how I cook.  Running?  While I do it, let's face it: I suck at it.  Nobody wants to take advice or listen to a woman who is proud of her ten minute mile pace.

Well, Granny, if you are not blogging about a specific topic, you must have a great and exciting social life to blog about and entertain the masses with?

Wait, what?  No?  No social life what so ever?

This is not an exaggeration.  The only thing I do with my life is this: wake up, work, run, make dinner for Mr. G, watch TV with Mr. G, talk to Mr. G, go to bed.  Repeat daily.  Sometimes we spice it up by going out to eat, seeing a movie, or going shopping.  That is it.  No friends.  No weekly get togethers.  No girls nights, nights out at bars with friends, etc.  Unless people come visit from out of town, the Goodwins legitimately live the lives of hermits.

Ok, well, you must at least have SOMETHING you can give us advice on?  Home ownership?  Child bearing?  Animal Rescue?

No, no, and no.  We live in a crummy two bedroom condo that we rent.  We cannot even hang shit on the walls, lest our landlords evict us.  No children in my near future, as I love sleep, money, and wine too much.  No animals to call our own (please see: uptight landlords).

So really, there is no reason I should have a blog.  Except I do.  And I hope you just enjoyed spending the last 4 minutes of your life reading about why I shouldn't blog.  No, you cannot have that 4 minutes back, it is mine and I cherish it.  

Boring Bubbie


  1. we read your blog because you're funny~!

  2. I read your blog because you are smart and hilarious. :)