Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Y'all remember how I have a strong and burning love for Chic-fil-a?  Because I do.  I look forward to my once yearly mecca to the holy CFA to fill my desire for an original chicken sammich, hold the pickle, side of polynesian sauce for my waffle fries, served with lemonade, thankyouverymuch.

I was even able to ignore their conservative and religious right wing agenda for my once yearly chicken sammich fill.

But now, in December of 2011, my world appears to be crashing down and falling apart.  I am forced to boycott CFA, and it really hurts my feelings, because I really love their original chicken sammies.

Some background...

Other than CFA, I also have a love for kale.  That's right.  The green leafy vegetable.  You know the one--the one that could never, not in ten million years, be confused with chicken.

I have often seen shirts and bags and bumper stickers that say "Eat More Kale!" on them.  And every time I do, I say "I WILL!" and then follow that with "I NEED that bumper sticker."  And then I drive myself over to the closest store and pick up more kale.  Nope, not joking.

Well, it has been brought to my attention that the man behind the "Eat More Kale" slogan is from good ole' Vermont.  And he started using this slogan 11 years ago, when a friend of his asked him to screen print him a Tshirt with the phrase "Eat more kale."  He started a local and eco friendly screen printing company called "Eat More Kale."  11 years have gone by, and now the "eat more kale" slogan is getting more and more popular.  So popular, in fact, that this smart little Vermonter behind the phrase went to go get it trademarked. 

Except that the ever so loved Chic-fil-a is blocking "Eat More Kale" from being a trademarked business.  They want the name changed.  Because they think the phrase "Eat More Kale" is copyrighting their marketing phrase of "Eat Mor Chikin" and that it confuses the CFA customer and they will lose money to "Eat more kale."


I shit you not.  CFA is saying that "Eat more____________" (insert your favorite food item, booze, etc, here) is a copyright violation.  And that the CFA customers do not know the difference between a Fried Chicken Sammy RESTAURANT and a t shirt that says "eat more kale."

I want to walk right over to those CFA folks and shake them until they make the right decision.  But instead, I signed a petition that I think you should too; sign the petition telling Chic-fil-a to lay off this local business and to allow "Eat More Kale" to remain as it is.  (That last sentence is the link to the Petition, FYI.) Because as much as I love me some CFA, I love me so kale and some local businesses more.


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  1. i have been trying to sign it but i keep getting errors - i'm going to try signing it at home tonight. i have a CFA 5 minutes from my work, i won't be going there anytime soon because of this.