Friday, December 16, 2011

Is this a joke?

I thought acne ended with the 9th grade.

Boy oh boy was I wrong.

Growing up, when I had a "breakout" it was one or two pimples at a time.  And it was usually during that time of the month.  Knowwhatimsayin?

Since then I would say I get a lovely pimple or two a month.  That is it.  I am constantly complimented for my great skin and complexion.  Not to brag or anything.

But now, at nearly 27 years of age, instead of having snow for Christmas, I will have a forehead full of pimples.


10 pimples.  


All on my forehead.

This is not a lie. 
(really, I counted them this morning...)

Thank you very much, santa.

I woke up this week with the fucking big dipper constellation above my eyebrows.  You know that small mountain chain in Nepal, the one that Everest is a part of?  The goddamn Himalayas?  Yup, the earth must have shifted, because you can now hike that mountain range here in VT, at the Goodwin residence.  On my dome.  My forehead looks like I have chicken pox.

Just in time for a week of holiday parties.


Off to hand in my Granny card and resume my old 8th grade status instead,
12-year-old Granny

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  1. One time I had bad breakouts on my forehead so I cut bangs. But that seemed to be an even worse decision...