Thursday, December 1, 2011

Fa la la la la

Growing up in the PB household, half Jews and anti-consumerists that we were, Christmas was not celebrated like it was throughout the rest of America.  Sure, we got a tree, put up a few decorations and opened gifts Christmas morning.  But said tree was cut down from the woods behind my aunt's home about 5 days before Christmas.  And those decorations we put up around the house?  A lone candy cane decoration on the front door.  And never have I ever heard either of my parents listen to Christmas music once in their lives.

It wasn't horrible and lord knows I was not deprived.  And growing up, while I always wanted my parents to put an addition onto the house to accommodate a 20 foot tall perfect Christmas tree, I never felt like I was missing anything.  As the years passed by I never gave into the massive consumerism that surrounds this holiday and I always gave the side eye to those people who started decorating for Christmas as soon as Thanksgiving was over.  (This could also have something to do with that little festival of lights that us Chosen People celebrate that falls in between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Why rush Christmas, I still got 8 days of presents anyway!)

Even when I moved out and on my own with my now husband, Mr. G and I would not listen to Christmas music until we put up our tree (and other than that, we listened only to Christmas music on Christmas eve).  And our tree would usually go up one to two weeks before the 25th.  And our decorations for around the house included one candle that my mom regifted to me (she hates scented shit) and a stuffed animal walrus wearing a santa hat.  I still gave people the side eye for being so "in to" Christmas so early.

And then there was last year when I wanted to skip out on Christmas entirely.

But this year, while I STILL side eye those Black Friday shoppers and those who really do turn Christmas into a completely consumerist holiday and forget what it is really about, I think I am starting to make up for lost time.  This year, the Saturday after Thanksgiving I braved the holiday crowds and went a little crazy.  I didn't get everything I wanted, and I have done only minimal gift buying.  But I did buy ribbons, wrapping paper, candles, crafts to make candles, mini glittery christmas trees (2), poinsettias (already killed them, going out for more this weekend), and tons of other little Christmas decorations.  A trip that started out to get a picture frame, some glue (to fix our angel for the top of the tree), and some beef turned into a two and a half hour debacle for me to get decorations.  And then I returned to our home and started decorating.  I dug our boxes out of storage and just went with it.  It was magnificent.  I also stamped and addressed all of the holiday cards we are sending out this week (there are 70 of them.  Goodness gracious).

We still have not allowed ourselves to buy a tree or a wreath or play Christmas music.  It was, after all, not even the same MONTH that Christmas was.

But now, now that it is December, and now that it is no longer near 60 degrees (global warming, what?), I will be going back to the store this weekend to buy more Christmas decorations (poinsettias for starters), start my gift buying, and we will pick up a tree.  And "Little Drummer Boy" will be played on repeat while I clean the house throughout the month.

I am making up for lost time here.

Cheers and happy holidays!

*PS, when my mom heard about my post Thanksgiving-Christmas-inspired shopping binge I got quite the earful.  "I cannot believe you did that!  You are giving into the consumerism!  Stop that!  And now I cannot even come over to your house because you will have so many scented candles that I will not be able to breathe!"

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  1. You're selling out to the devil man!! Happy Solstice--the true holiday of the season. Pops