Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Twenty Twelve

I know most other blogs this week are talking about resolutions.
But it's my blog and I can do what I want.
And I want to talk about my resolutions.
Er, resolution.  One.  Singular.  
And it is not very exciting.

Every year I vow to lose weight.  
I know I need to learn to be happy with my body, I am after all relatively healthy (no chips, donuts, or cookies eaten here!) and I work out pretty regularly.  I know that being stick thin is not healthy and that too much emphasis is placed on an unnatural ideal.  But, damnit, I want to lose this last 25 pounds.

When I joined double dub last February I started out great.  I was conscious of what I was consuming but I was not starving myself.  I was making choices based on what my body probably needed (fruits and veggies) and not just what I wanted (wine).  I lost 15 pounds.  But towards the end of twenty eleven I slowly stopped paying attention.  Wine flowed.  Cookies were baked.  Weight crept back on my waistline.

Well, New Years Resolutions, you are just the kick in the ass I needed.  I am back on track with double dub.  I am cutting down on the sweets (just threw away some fudge) and the booze.  And further more, I am going to step up my running.  Just because I am not training for anything right now does not mean that I should not be running 20-25 miles a week.  Get your shit together, Goodwin!  Pound the pavement!

For 2012 I want to be FIT.  strong.  Healthy.
And if I treat my body the way it requires in order to be fit, strong, and healthy, chances are I will see those 25 lbs dropped as well.


Happy 2012 and best of luck with your resolutions,

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