Monday, January 9, 2012

Nothing to see here

Y'all remember how back in 2008 there was a fad going around on the old facebook where people would write a note of 25 random things about themselves?  It was quite the craze.   So big, that Us Magazine, my favorite of the tabloids, instated a regular section called "25 Facts you don't know about me" and every week they have a celebrity list 25 facts that, shockingly, we don't know about them.

It is a favorite of mine when I flip through the magazine.  I love to see what I have in common with the celebs.  Alternately, I love to see how random some of them are, and what freaks others are.  

The point is, a few weeks (months?) ago a friend of mine Posted on her blog her 25 random facts and I was howling with laughter.  After some encouragement, I decided to grace you all with the presence of my very own list of "25 facts you don't (already) know about me."

Without further ado....

1. I cannot sleep without a fan.  I travel with one.  I do not camp because there is no electricity.  When we lose power, I simply do not sleep.  I MUST HAVE A FAN.

2.  Egg yolk is creepy.  I only like it in the form of deviled eggs.

3.  I love the half-popped kernels of popcorn more than the full popped pieces of popcorn.

4.  I can say the alphabet backwards.

5.  I can fit my fist in my mouth.

6.  I cannot sleep at night without reading.  I fall asleep every night with a book on my face.

7.  I have to be the first person to use a tube of toothpaste.  If we get a new toothpaste I will hide it until we are ready to open it just so Mr. G cannot get to it first.

8.  Mascara is my favorite makeup.

9.  I have been to 44 states.

10.  I hate taking showers.

11.  I have been with my husband for 10 years this week.

12.  I have seen very few 80s movies and none of the cult classics.  No Sixteen Candles, Pretty in Pink, Ferris Bueller...

13.  I love to munch on raw noodles.

14.  I plan all of my meals a full week in advance.  Even lunches for work.

15.  I hate regular potato chips but Capital L Love kettle cooked chips.

16.  I have never been to Europe. (Darling, lets rectify this ASAP.)

17.  I prefer cakes over pies.

18.  I drink a mug of lemon zinger tea every weekday morning.

19.  If I do not poop at least once I day I am miserable.

20.  I always chew gum.  Trident Original.

21.  I haven't had cable for over 3 years.  I do not miss it.

22.  I fly regularly (I have 16 flights scheduled so far for 2012) but I am terrified of flying.

23.  I have the worlds worst motion sickness.

24.  I am allergic to everything.  Dogs, cats, horses, dust, walnuts, makeup...I get hives almost daily.

25.  I have 16 games of WWF going right now.  Do not add me.  I cannot handle any more.


  1. I completely agree with 3, 12,14 and 24.

  2. My mom and brothers have the same fan affliction. I am dying laughing at you hiding the toothpaste. Mascara is also my favorite makeup.

  3. I eat raw noodles all the time...I am so excited that someone else does too!