Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Philly Part Deux

Because I know you are all waiting with baited breath...

I am going to list out what I ate while in Philly.  Every last thing.

Friday morning started out healthy enough with an apple, a double dub cheese stick, and half a multigrain bagel with low fat cream cheese.  But then my plane was late and I had to resort to eating two mini chocolate chip cookies I had packed to give to my friends who were hosting me.  I was starving after all.  And then I was bumped to first class so I had to take advantage of the free booze and so I had a bloody mary.

Then I arrived in the city of brotherly love and we immediately drove off to get me a 24 point Philly cheesesteak (complete with mushrooms, peppers and onions, thankyouverymuch) and a blue moon.

I burned those 700 calories though by running up the famed "Rocky" steps in 30 seconds.

That is what I told myself at least.

Hours later we were at happy hour downing grapefruit cocktails.

Only to return home to takeout pizza and a bottle of vino.  And some salads.

And two cookies.

And a caramel filled chocolate bar.

Saturday I woke to egg whites with turkey sausage and veggies.  A great and healthy start to the day!  This healthy start was followed hours later by a mostly healthy salad (mixed greens, 1 oz chicken, artichokes, onions, and some lemon dressing) AND a stupid roll and some promise fake butter spread (which were fucking delicious).  Which was immediately followed by a child size popcorn (WITH BUTTER) at the movies.

Cut to dinner, which was grande margaritas and veggie and crab quesadillas (those actually were healthy.  And to die for) topped with a smidge of fat free sour cream.

And then a handful of mini peanut butter cups.

And then out to karaoke where I had "low point" vodka drinks.

And a not so "low point" shot.

Cut to two am, where I noshed on Triscuits with cheddar cheese and pickles.

Woke up Sunday and had some Matzoh Ball soup, a chocolate milk, and half of a nasty ass roast beef panini.  Only had 3 french fries.  Couldn't handle any more than that after the fake roast beef shit they tried to serve me.

Slept off those calories on the plane and landed in New England to some delicious Thai food (if you must know, I had some coconut chicken soup, 1 piece of chicken satay, and some drunken noodles and pad thai).

Needless to say, I am detoxing this week.  Tea and 0 pt. double dub soup own me.


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