Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I love you

With January coming to a close and February upon us, that means my mind is in full Valentines Day gear.
Just kidding.  I don't really care that much about Valentines day.
Mostly I like that I may get a new little gift, and have a great excuse to make an indulgent meal.
Complete with something "red velvet" for dessert since it is red for love and all.
And I love red velvet cupcakes.

Here are how us Goodwins have spent Valentines day of years past:
1) Mr. G did not get me flowers or anything.  Not even a card.  Nothing.  I made him dinner and got him a card.  And I complained.
2) Mr. G got me a box of four chocolates.  And a card.  I made him dinner and a card.  I complained.
3) 9 years into it, Mr. G started to learn a little and had flowers waiting for me at home (from the grocery store) and a gift from Victoria's Secret.  I got him a giant (read: expensive) red tool chest (red for love) and made him dinner (complete with Irish Car Bomb Cupcakes.  Which he did not eat because he doesn't like dessert.).  I didn't complain too much.

This year I started early with Mr. G.  We are ten years into our relationship and I am trying to get him to see that he needs to work hard to keep the heat alive.  And that Valentines day is a great day to do that.  So for the last few nights, as we lay in bed and discuss our day, or dreams, our goals, etc, I have been asking Mr. G about Valentines day and what his plans are.

"Where are you taking me for dinner on Valentines day this year, darling?"
"If I have to take you out, we are going to Pizza Hut."

"What kind of flowers are you having delivered to me this year for Valentines day, darling?"
*this one has a few different responses.
"None.  I will have flowers for you at home."
"Mac's grocery story doesn't deliver flowers.  I have to go pick them up."

"What are you getting me as my gift for Valentine's day this year, honey?"
"No fucking clue."

"Ok, fine, I am making dinner, what do you want me to make?"
"Lobster, with filet mignon, a twice stuffed baked potato, and salad."
"No, no cupcakes.  I'm sweet enough as is.  I wont eat them."

So it appears that my man wants nothing to do with Valentines day, especially the best part of the holiday (red velvet cupcakes, which I will still be making), except that he wants me to make him a big expensive and fancy dinner.

Off to google how to cook Filet Mignon...

How do non grannies celebrate St. Valentine?

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