Wednesday, January 11, 2012


10 years is a long time.  Do you remember turning ten and how excited you were to be at an age with double digits?!  I don't remember much about that time, but I do remember every one around me saying "wow, double digits!"

10 years is a decade.  And in the last decade I have seen and experienced quite a few things.

10 years ago we were still grieving from the September 11th attacks.
We went through not one but two presidential elections.
I was able to vote.
Over the last ten years I have graduated high school, gone to two different colleges, and moved to Vermont, then California, then back to Vermont.
Ten years ago Nsync was still popular.  So was Nelly.
In the last ten years the introduction of the hybrid car was made.
We saw three "Lord of the Rings" and four "Pirates of the Caribbean."
Within the last ten years I went through five cars.
This country engaged in two wars in the last decade.
The Pope died.
During the last ten years the Sox won the world series.
"Friends" went off the air.
Facebook was created.
We experienced Hurricane Katrina.
In the last ten years, Judd Apatow introduced us to eleven hits, including "Anchorman," "40 year old Virgin," "Knocked Up," "Super Bad," and "Bridesmaids."
I have been to Mexico three times this last decade.
We saw gas prices soar from less than a dollar to nearly five dollars over the last ten years.
 Osama Bid Laden was killed.
We met Harry Potter and watched him and his friends grow up over ten years.
The Prince and Princess of England got married.
We have seen a black man elected president.
"The Office" was introduced to America.
We saw five different years of Olympics in the past decade.
One pop sensation died (MJ) and another shaved her head.
I went to eleven weddings in the last ten years.
We saw leather pants come into style, leave and then return again in the form of skinny leather pants over the last decade.

As you can see, a lot has happened.  I have experienced quite a bit.  The world has changed quite a bit.

But most important to me was ten years ago today.

Ten years ago today, Mr. G asked me to be his girlfriend in the hallway outside of Mr. Keane's English class.

And the rest is history.

Happy no-longer-our-real-but-still-special-ten-year-anniversary, my darling husband.

I love you even more than I did a decade ago.

Xo, Bubbie