Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Mr. G and I need your help.

Awhile back we got into a debate.  With all that is going on in the world and with our somewhat different views on things, we tend to debate a lot to keep our relationship alive and healthy.

What was this last debate about, you ask?

No, it was not about the war in Libya, the east coast earthquake, the upcoming presidential election, the stock market drop, unemployment, healthcare, immigration, abortion, the debt ceiling, Casey Anthony, gay rights, our 401K, the world ending in 2012 or any of the other important matters that are facing this country (and world) at this time.

It was a debate about beer thirty versus beer o'clock.


I say that it is beer thirty.  Mr. G says it is beer o'clock.

Please help us end this debate so we can move on to other more important things in life like creating world peace and dragging our nation out of this recession.



  1. beer just rolls off of the tongue better!

  2. It is most certainly beer:30 - sounds much better! and now I want a beer. Haha!