Friday, August 26, 2011

Natural Disasters

If you live on the east coast (or not) you know that we just survived an earthquake of epic proportions and a huge, massive, scary, already-downgraded to a cat. 2 hurricane is headed our way for the weekend.

This is big excitement for us.  Two natural disasters in one week.

Irene is a-comin' and there has been nothing but talk of her fury for days now.  It's all over the news.  The weather channel.  The radio.  People are buzzing about it.  Even up here in safe, little, quaint Vermont, where people are smart because we survive blizzards all winter and know how to deal with shit like this, people are panicking and talking about how we need to prepare for this hurricane.

Let me tell you about my hurricane preparedness:

  • I rescheduled my weekend so I can still get in an 11 mile run without getting drenched.
  • I went to the store and bought plenty of beer and vodka (we northerners tend to do this mostly for winter blizzards, but we are tough Vermonters, we can adapt and do this for summer storms too).

Bring it, Irene.

Best of luck,

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  1. We stocked up on beer last night! ;) Great minds think alike!