Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Dear Lord

For some reason I am in a bit of a funk this week.

I know, it occasionally cannot be helped.

But lord have mercy.

I am so tired.  All I want to do this week is sleep.  And nap.  And then sleep some more.

When I am not sleeping and napping, I also want to be eating unhealthy foods.  For dinner the other night I had 3 servings of Pasta with Pancetta and Leeks (to be fair, I used light cream) and for lunch yesterday I had cake and brie.  Double Dub (weight watchers) be damned.

Lastly, I have not gone for a run since Sunday.  I plan to remedy that tonight with a five miler, but I have just had no energy to get up and even run for 20 minutes.  Heaven help me get through this run tonight, I'm gonna need it.

All I want to do is sleep, eat, and watch Vince and the boys on Entourage.  And get massaged by Mr. G.  And not clean the house, run, go to work, cook, or get dressed.

I'm blaming it on the 60 degree weather and the rain.


1 comment:

  1. Hang in there girl! I was like this last week. This week I'm doing much better. Take each day as it comes. :)