Monday, August 1, 2011

You didn't know I am obsessed with cheese?

When I was four and in pre-school, I began my love affair with cheese.  

(Four year old big bad self)

Cheddar to be exact.  I remember sitting in preschool one day and we had cubes of cheddar.  And being four, and having no self control, I popped as many of those cubes of cheddar into my little mouth and ate and ate and ate...and then got in Jessica Bunnell's mom's blue Volvo to go home.  And then threw up cheddar everywhere.  I think Mrs. Bunnell was none-too pleased.

(The scene of the crime)

After that incident, even at the tender age of four, I was convinced I was allergic to cheese and went until about high school before trying it again.

This could be why I am, as an adult, so obsessed with cheese; I went 10 years without it in my life.

(no cheese = sad granny)

You would think I would have learned from my four year old cheese lovin' self.  (You would also think I would know about self control and that I would care about my weight loss journey and stay far away from the cheese.)

But 22 years later, I seem to have made the same mistake.

Last night at a lovely wine shower for some friends getting hitched next month, I spotted out of the corner of my eye, a huge, I mean globe sized, wedge of brie.

And I attacked it like the fat kid at heart that I really am.

(nom, nom, nom)

I literally ate about 7 ounces of brie.  

And we got home and I threw it all up.

Because I am 4 years old again and have no self control when it comes to the finer things in life, like cheese.

Still slightly queasy,

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