Friday, August 19, 2011

Happy Friday/Mid August/My Life is Lame List

1) My nails have gotten really long and healthy this summer.  And I just spent a good chunk of time painting them a fabulous pink color.  My coworker even commented on the fact that I have "beautiful nails." (I love weird compliments.)  Then I went and broke my middle nail and my hand feels (and surely looks!) all funny and awkward.
notice the missing quarter inch on my middle nail?!

2) Tonight is the Cornish Fair.  The fair of my home town.  When we were kids we used to have our mom drive us by the fair field every night in the week leading up to the fair so we could see the rides getting assembled.  It was so big, glorious, exciting.  Now I see it is small and just a little hick town country fair, but Mr. G and I love it none the less.  We will put on our shit kicking shoes, grab a warm sweater, get some fair fries (with vinegar, thankyouverymuch), and watch the horse pull.  We look forward to this all year.

3) I am trying to look more fashionable.  I wore a pink scarf to work today with a white tee shirt and some blue jeans. And a cute gray cardie and some gold sandals.   Mr. G looked at me funny this morning, as he is used to my normal Friday attire of a drab skirt with an elastic waist band and a sweat shirt.

4) This beautiful couple is getting married tomorrow and we could not be more pleased:
Jackie and Stacey are our dear friend and we are pleased as punch to be guests at their wedding tomorrow.  Even Mr. G, whose normal comment about upcoming nuptials is usually "this will be an epic party," said to me last night "I bet Stacey and Jackie are just so excited to get married on Saturday!"  That says a lot.  

5) We leave for vacation in less than two weeks.  Aaaaaaah, yes please!

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  1. love the nails and the scarf and the fact that you go on vacation (i am a bit jealous about that) enjoy the wedding and the fair! :)