Monday, August 22, 2011


This weekend was a wild one for the Goodwin family.

We packed our shit up into Harrison (the) Ford, and headed north for the Nagle-Rachdorf wedding.  It was quite the doozy.  Gergeous weather, perfect couple, stunning ceremony, to die for reception.  Amazeball food and open bar.

Which means Mr. G and I hit the sauce and are still recovering.

Regardless of the 2 naps I took yesterday, my 9 pm bedtime, and the horrible food consumed to absorb any leftover vodka from my system (pizza hut, gatorade, and greasy meatloaf with taters), I am still exhausted.  And my head still kind of hurts.

I would love for my day today to look like this:

Sleep late
Wake up and go to the beach.  Sleep in the sun.
Wake up and read in the sun.
Take a nap.
Go for a run.
Get a massage.*(I am fortunate to have a message scheduled for this afternoon, bless the lord.)
Have a servant make dinner and clean the house.
Watch Mad Men.
Go to bed by 9:45.

Guess it's 9 hours at the office instead.


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